HEYPORK Microwave Heating Silicone Hot Water Bottle Bag with Knit Cover, Hot & Cold Therapies Back pain

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HEYPORK hot water bottle can use to pain relief , first period kit for girls ,is Best gift for mother’s day, Valentine's Day.
Technical Parameters :
* Capacity:340ml/525ml
* Small Size: 6.3inch*4.3inch (16cm*11cm)
* Large Size:9.6inch*3.9inch (24.5cm*10cm)
* Injected Volume : 3/4
* Water Temperature : 80°C / 176 °F or so
* Injected Volume while heating : top up with cold water
* Heating Power : shall not exceed 800W
* Microwave Teating Time : not exceed 3 minutes(2.5Mniutes is better)
* Stay Hot Time : 2-3 hours

Water Injection Steps :
A:Add hot water directly.
1.Place the hot water bag into the knitted cover.
2.Add 80°C / 176 °F hot water into it and keep 3/4 full.
3.Eliminate excessive air and firmly tighten the lid.

B:Heating in microwave oven.
Notice:not exceed 3 minutes(2.5Mniutes is better)

C:Filled with ice water and applied to the body to reduce swelling or lower temperature.

Matters Needing Attention :
1. The rubber washer under the cover plays an important role in preventing water leakage. Do not damage and lose.
2. DO NOT add boiling water into directly, it's favor to add 80°C / 176 °F waterand keep 3/4 full. It'll be better if a cloth cover is applied.
3. When it's left unused, make it dry enough and properly inflate it then place it under shady and dry conditions.
4. DO NOT close it to the body for a long time for fear of scald.
5. When it's put into microwave oven, please ensure the bag is filled with cold water and heating time not exceed 3 minutes(2.5Minutes is better) to prevent a burst.
6. If it swells during the heating process, please stop heating immediately. However, DO NOT open microwave immediately.
7. Children under 3 years old shall not use this product .

Package Include:
1* hot water bag
1* knit cover
1*gift pack