HEYPORK Electric Wine Aerator Decanter,Automatic Wine Dispenser,Filter Aeration Pourer Spout for bottle,Red and White Wine Accessories for Wine Enthusiast,With Vacuum wine stopper (Lucky Red)

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1.Electric wine inflato make wine oxygenated aerating more faster.
2.The wavelength of red light has strong penetrability for red wine and promotes oxidation of red wine.
3.Magnet design improves tannin in red wine, allows you to get a fresher and richer scent and aroma when pour wine.
4.Automative pouring wine function,Easy using with high technology senses
5.USB data cable and built-in lithium battery
6.Luxurious design and with velvet bag,portability



Material: ABS+food silicone
Battery :18650 lithium battery , 3.7V, 1800mAh
Charging time: 3-4 hours ,After fully charged, it can satisfy about 60-80 bottles of 750ml red wine to sober up.


Box Contents:

Electric Wine Aerator*1
Aerator Tube(food grade)*2
Vacuum Wine stopper*1
USB charge cable*1
Velvet bag*1
User Manual*1


Instructions for use:

Connect the test tube to the aerator, then put it in the bottle, press the white button, when the wine is inflated, the led screen will turn red, and then pour the wine into the glass. Press the button again to stop.


Cleaning instructions:

Clean the inside of the aerator with a clean cloth or wet towel: Connect the wine aerator tube. During the wine aerator, clean the wine aerator by pumping clean water multiple times until the water becomes clean.